Life without screens is a fairy tale

Yes, they are here to stay… what is important is how we monitor the time our children spend on them. As a mum of three, I have no delusions about screens… Nanny McTv helps me out all the time, it’s important that we have options other than screens.

Thats why I did something about and created a range of colouring, activity and doodle books, perfect to preoccupy our little ones minds during downtime or when they we are out and about. With books in two sizes, both handbag friendly (how important is that ladies!) Ideal when having a cuppa with friends, out and about or on a journey – short or long.

You can view My books on our dedicated website by clicking the button here – these books are simply a great fun way of occupying your kids…but not with a screen!

The Cosmic Fox Range Of Books...

Doodle Books

Children draw to express their thoughts and feelings. Drawing is an especially important outlet for your little ones who do not yet have the verbal skills to communicate those feelings. These can help improve hand and eye co-ordination, while fine-tuning their finger muscles to help with their writing.

Colouring Books

The actions, motions and precise grip involved in colouring can aid in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist in your little ones. Colouring has become a phenomenally popular medium for relaxing and relieving stress not just in children but adults to.

Activity Books

Spark their imagination and stimulate their curiosity.

Our activity books can help develop your child’s reading, use of words and language, along with their literacy skills. … help your child’s brain become truly cosmic.


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The Cosmic Fox is really my three girls, it was a way of pro-actively engaging my kids and incorporating them into a brand for these new books – we have together as a family developed these products and made it fun for the girls to be involved in part of their own business…

So…how did this all start?

Well…I think it all started with an argument between the girls and who’s turn it was on the iPad…

I decided enough was enough and with the help of the girls together, there had to be something else to do as I was not going to buy another two iPads to keep them happy – we had plenty of paper and colouring pencils lying around so the idea kinda grew from there!

I quickly found my girls engaging with this archaic method of spending their time, so much so I thought a range of books would be good. If I could make enough of them just for us I could keep them happy until I married them off and they were finally out of my hair!

So here we are, with a range of books that others can now purchase to help keep their kids off screens!

Then we had this ‘Out Of This World crazy’ idea…

Me and the girls had to come up with an idea for a brand or style, the girls were so onboard with this they took it upon themselves to come up with a name, we ended up with  ‘Cosmic’ and because one of my daughters loves foxes, and dresses up as one regularly, she wanted to be the ‘Cosmic Fox’. How crazy is that!

Quickly it escalated, my eldest wanted to be the Big Boss and Maimai loves moustaches so became Mr Maimai who works for the big boss…(Even crazier yeh!)

The story unfolded, the girls came up with the story, the Big Boss wanted to stop screens, Mr Maimai had to find a way of doing this and met….the Cosmic Fox…

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